18if Episode 3 Review/Discussion1 min read

18if Episode 3 Review/Discussion1 min read


  The Premis of this show is that the main protagonist  Haruto Tsukishiro is stuck in the dream world, where he confronts theses “witches”, who are real girls with sleeping beauty syndrome(coma). This anime has a different vibe/tone/genre in every episode. The characters remain the same, but the world changes, as well as new supportive characters. Every episode is about our main character, helping a helpless girl who has transformed into a ‘dream witch’.


  You’ll love this anime if you like to get lost in the world/confused and see no boundaries, and have to actually think to understand, this is your anime. But, if you like to know what the hell is going on and have a sense of the world you will absolutely hate this anime for its lack background.

overall i think you should give it a shot!



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