Gamers! episode 2 Review/Discussion

  I LOVE THIS ANIME!!!  Usually in anime, gamers are treated like some incredible group that lives in a completely different world from everyone else. However, as most gamers, myself included, will know, we’re usually not full-blown otaku hardcore gaming pros. This anime gets that. These characters are just normal kids who like gaming. i … Read moreGamers! episode 2 Review/Discussion

Convenience Store Boy Friends Episode 3 Review/Discussion

Episode Summary        When Honda spots Miharu having a friendly conversation with their classmate Nasa Sanagi in the waiting room of a hospital, he decides to investigate Sanagi’s identity and his relationship with Miharu for the sake of his best friend Mishima. Meanwhile, Mishima gets caught in the crossfire of an argument between the track … Read moreConvenience Store Boy Friends Episode 3 Review/Discussion

Chronos Ruler Episode 3 Review/Discussion

oh Chrono Ruler. i am going to be honest i don’t like this anime. between the CGI which i HATE in anime with FEW exceptions, and the lack luster action scenes, i fine this very  generic. The characters are stock archetypes, the plot is cookie-cutter revenge… there’s essentially no depth to the setting or characters. … Read moreChronos Ruler Episode 3 Review/Discussion

18if Episode 3 Review/Discussion

Story   The Premis of this show is that the main protagonist  Haruto Tsukishiro is stuck in the dream world, where he confronts theses “witches”, who are real girls with sleeping beauty syndrome(coma). This anime has a different vibe/tone/genre in every episode. The characters remain the same, but the world changes, as well as new … Read more18if Episode 3 Review/Discussion

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