Aho-Girl Review

  Plot Summary Aho-Girl is a pure comedy Starring Yoshiko a banana loving dumbass and her serious friend Akuru. The story is simple Yoshiko tries to pull some hair brained scheme then Akuru & friends try to stop her. Rinse and repeat, each episode is about 12 mins long and then split into 4 skits. … Read moreAho-Girl Review

(Isekai Shokudou) Restaurant To another world Episode 4-5 Review

A Review of Restaurant To another World Episode 4 & 5

Knights & Magic Episode 4 “Light & Shadow”

Episode 4 ” Light & Shadow” One Sentience Summary- The new mechs are sent to the research lab to be evaluated, Eru goes with them to explain whats he’s created and future plans for the mechs. So i am still liking this anime. its fun,  its using some cliches but it works. The episode starts … Read moreKnights & Magic Episode 4 “Light & Shadow”

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