The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star Part 1-3

The Ancient Magus' Bride

“A Tragic Story”

The Focus

This is a 3 part OVA/movie prequel to the show The Ancient Magus’ Bride currently airing. It explains the life of the main character before the events of the main show I’ll be focusing on the past bits here and talk about the main series at a later time.


The story starts off with this girl named Chise Hatori a little redhead girl who can see spirits, the spirits resemble what you would see in Studio Ghibli movies, which isn’t a bad thing.

It Now this kid’s life SUCKS, her mom is dead and she gets adopted by her aunt and uncle who I have mixed feelings about. Let me explain, I was taught as a kid to put family first as I imagine most of you have been, I can’t imagine abandoning your niece because she’s as far as you know she’s a little off. The fact that’s an option irritates the hell out of me! I just don’t feel like that’s realistic.

Chise as a character is a bit plain, but by the end, I still wanted to know more about and the world she lived in. I find the art really well done the mix between modern and spiritual is really cool. I especially liked the library with all the fuzzy spirits running around.

Overall I really liked this little tragic story and look forward to watching the main series. If it’s anything like this I’ll enjoy it.

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Sorry for not being consistent! :'(

So I’ve realized something about myself other the months of making youtube videos its hard for me to be consistent and I hate that but THIS CHANGES NOW! I’m going to start making my videos more visual so it’s not just me talking to a camera. so videos are going to come out less often … Read moreSorry for not being consistent! :'(

Day 1

30 day anime challenge(horizantal view).png

Day 1-The first Anime I watched

       There are two ways I am going to go about this, I am going to talk about what’s technically the correct answer, and then what I feel is the correct answer. So technically speaking the first anime I watched and I think this is true for many people is Pokemon. I would watch this show religiously as a kid, it’s what got me into gaming and shaped who I am today. I have many fond memories of watching this on Saturday mornings with my parents. Pokemon was a show I loved growing up and is technically the first anime I’ve watched, but this was before I even knew what anime was, so I don’t feel it would be the answer I would give if asked on the Street.

      The first anime I watched was Dragon Ball Z on Toonami. I started watching that during middle school, that and a handful of other anime toonami showed back then. But Dragon Ball Z is what stood out to me as a kid. I would literally beg my parents to let me stay up to watch it! I loved that show and still do, that’s what introduced m Until then I didn’t even know pokemon was a Japanese show. I loved the action, the 15 episodes of screaming all of it, if not for DBZ this Blog probably wouldn’t exist.

The question of the Day. What’s the first anime you watched? Leave a comment below and let’s get this discussion going.

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