A place Further Than The Universe Episode 1 First Impressions1 min read

This looks like its going to be a good anime. I really like the art in this, the world looks lived in because of all the small details it has. I like when anime do this it adds a bit more depth.

The story I think is relatable, Mari the main Protag realizes she hasn’t really lived life to the fullest so she decides to play hooky and go on a spontaneous trip but is too afraid to follow through with it. Later she meets a girl named Shirase who is determined to go to Antarctica to find her mom, Mari impressed by this tells her she’s amazing and offers to help. Shirase asks her to come with her, Mari wanting to change and stop being afraid agrees to go.

I am looking forward to the next episode, I really like these kinds of “a slice of life” anime, this one in practical really speaks to me.

Thanks for the read!! What are your thoughts?