Aho-Girl Review3 min read

Aho-Girl Review3 min read


Plot Summary

Aho-Girl is a pure comedy Starring Yoshiko a banana loving dumbass and her serious friend Akuru. The story is simple Yoshiko tries to pull some hair brained scheme then Akuru & friends try to stop her. Rinse and repeat, each episode is about 12 mins long and then split into 4 skits. Like I said this is a pure comedy but has a little rom-com and harem put into it. Normally I would stay away from harem anime but its not the focus here at all, just Yoshiko’s antics. Now let’s talk characters.


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Starting with Yoshiko the female Mc(main Character). Well she’s a VERY SPECIAL girl, who gets straight zeros across all tests even the multiple-choice ones. She is academically & socially stupid, often jumping to conclusions like in the first episode where Sayaka, more on her later, complaints Yoshiko cuteness causing her to freak out and believe she’s the cutes in the universe. But she does make up for her stupidity in spunk and energy, especially when it comes to something she wants. She constantly causing chaos were ever she goes and for everyone around her whether it’s causing a commotion in a movie theater where she and Ruri More on her later, start yelling at the movie characters forcing Akurur to knock both out & run them home out of embarrassment, or when she ruined a children’s play by jumping on stage to save the girl thinking it was real. CHAOS CHAOS.

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Next Mc is Akuru or A-kun as Yoshiko calls him. He has to be the most serious high school boy in the history of everything! He’s Yoshiko’s neighbor and best friend. He’s all about studying and trying to get yoshiko to function like a human being (good luck). Says everything with a straight face and isn’t afraid to get physical with Yoshiko or others. He kinda has a harem around him made up of Yoshiko, Sayaka & Fuuki. Yoshiko and Fuuki are constantly fighting for his attention but to no avail, Akuru couldn’t care less.

After Akuru theirs Sayaka. Thiers not much to be said about her she’s kinda just their.

And the last Mc is Fuuki the Disciplinary President. This girl is a major perv who is Stalking Akuru and always fantasying about him. Scenes with her and Yoshiko either fighting over Akuru or helping each peep at him are hilarious. She’s the typical Big boobed perv character.

Theirs a few other minor characters such as Yoshiko’s mom who is trying to get Yoshiko and Akuru to get married, theirs Ryuichi a delinquent who Yoshiko teaches the ways of the dumbass, Ruri Akuru’s sister whose also an idiot and a group of school kids who act more adult than everyone else.



  • Fun main cast
  • 80% hit on the jokes
  • The main Male Mc isn’t the oblivious stereotype in most harem anime


  • No new ideas here
  • Episodes are short (12 mins)


Over all I really enjoyed this anime. There’s nothing ground breaking here. But the jokes were good and I laughed though out. What more can you ask of a comedy?


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