Classroom of the elite Episode 2 Review +Eps 1 recap2 min read

Classroom of the elite Episode 2 Review +Eps 1 recap2 min read


Hey everyone. today is i am reviewing Classroom of the elite episode 2.

the premise of this anime is that the Japanese government runs a high school to help nurture the next generation. their put on a private island of sorts, with everything they’ll need to live, shops, restaurants etc etc.

So just to recap the first episode, their are 2 main protagonists a male and female

 Kiyotaka Ayanokōji(male)=> He is an unmotivated student who is very poor at communicating with others. While trying to become friends with others, he often fails due this. His grades are average and is very conscious of how he spends his points.

Suzune Horikita(Female)=>An aloof student who is the sister of the student council president, Manabu. She sits next to Kiyotaka in class and is also careful about how she spends her points. Like Kiyotaka, she has trouble communicating with others, but unlike him she thinks friends are unnecessary.

Points are money 1 point= 1 Yen, why not just call it money who knows. they are granted 100,000 points at the beginning of the month, to spend as they see fit. so the students OBVIOUSLY go out on a spending spree, except our protags.

at the end of the episode, its already the first of the month(the day points are given out) NO one in class got points.

Episode END



Episode 2 Review

Finally episode two. it starts with the teacher explaining the S-class system, basically everyone is being watched though security cameras throughout the school and being judged by on behavior,that’s not specifically said but its implied, its also based on test scores, higher CLASS scores means more point awarded.  so even if one individual gets straight A’s if the class overall has low scores they get less points.

This episode is mostly Horikita trying to tutor the dumb students, and being very unsuccessful at it. So Horikita’s home life is hinted as being very hard as shown by when her brother the  student council president tries to hit her for enrolling in the school. Ayanokōji stops him, and hints that he knows some form of martial arts.

So thats pretty much it for episode 2. overall i like this anime and would recommend it

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