Day 6 “Anime You Want to see but Haven’t” 30 Day Anime Challenge1 min read


An anime that I want to watch but haven’t? Hmmm, so I am going to chop this one down to a show I’ve always been interested in but didn’t know where to start & just never got around to it which would be the Fate/stay series. This show looks really cool and I’ve heard nothing but good this about it. I just never got around to watching it. based on what little I have seen though I think the only turn off for me might be too many characters but again neve4r seen the show so that may be a strength. I really should set time aside to watch it.

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  1. The only one in this series I watched was Fate/Stay Night and I wasn’t a big fan. That said, I’ve been told that some of the other series are better and the basic idea was really interesting and the visuals were pretty cool. The other Fate/Stay series are on my list of anime to eventually watch.

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