(Isekai Shokudou) Restaurant To another world Episode 4-5 Review2 min read

(Isekai Shokudou) Restaurant To another world Episode 4-5 Review2 min read

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of posts, i don’t have an excuse.

Whats up Everyone!?! So Restaurant to another world, i have to admit i love this show and its concept. its something you’d find in a DnD campaign or something.


Episode 4 – “Omelette Rice / Tofu Steak”


This episode introduces Ganganpo a lizardman from the Blue Tale Tribe and an elf named Fardania.

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The First story is about Gaganpo and how he’s is the hero to bring food from the magic door. The Blue tale tribe chooses its hero’s though a tournament to see whose the strongest and most worthy to get the food.

So for Gaganpo to order the food he must learn the SECRET phase, “Omelette Rice to go”(or something like that), because these lizardmen don’t speak the same language they can’t properly communicate with the waitress or cook. the original owner taught them that  phrase.

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Now theirs not a lot to this next story about Fardania an elf. Apparently its the anniversary of her mother death so she goes out to get ingredients for her favorite meal Mushroom soup. she stumbles across the door.



So Fardania, is a vegetarian as most elfs are and explains this to the waitress in a very stuck up way. the cook ends up cooking her Tofu Steak(ewww)



She ends up loving it as every character in this show does. she also decides to become a cook herself.

Episode 5 – “Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl/Pudding a la Mode”


This Episode introduces Lionel the Gladiator slave and Victoria a half-elf princess.


The owner tells the story of Lionel, a lion man who was captured by a half-elf named Alexander and forced to become a slave in a gladiator arena. One day, the Magic door appeared in Lionel’s cell and he met the owner’s grandfather, who served him Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl despite not having any money.


Given strength by the Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl, Lionel became renewed with vigor to fight in the arena in order to earn money to pay off his tab.

Later, it is revealed the desserts menu for the Nekoya was written by a half-elf princess named Victoria, who comes to the restaurant for some pudding a la mode.


Victoria is a Extremely powerful wizard who is also trying make a magic based refrigerator to store pudding in.


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