The Reflection Review2 min read

The Reflection Review2 min read

Hey Everyone!! Here’s another Summer anime Review!

       The Reflection is the work of Studio Deen, the makers of another summer anime Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight, in collaboration with Stan lee. The anime starts with an event occurring that is later known as The Reflection. an event that covered the entire planet in green lights and black smoke. this event caused mass chaos and death around the world. it was later discovered some of the survivors gained super powers. Those effected by the light where more likely to be hero’s while those effected by the smoke villains. These individuals were known as The Reflected.

        I love the art style of this anime! It really looks like an American comic book! However the animation is another story. The animation sometimes looks like its running 15 fps and was ripped from a motion comic. i also think the show was poorly shot, theirs to many scenes of no animation of very little, which doesn’t help it.

Eleanor X-ON I-GUY Lisa

Now lets talk story.  Set 3 years after the reflection event, Eleanor a girl who can teleport like tracer from overwatch or that guy from that bad wolverine movie & X-ON a hero who can copy powers, try to stop Villains from kidnapping other Reflected for their army. their joined by Lisa a girl in a wheelchair who can turn her wheelchair into a robot, she’s pretty much the groups tank. Theirs also I-GUY the COMPLETE IRON-MAN RIP-OFF, he’s Tony Stark if he was all about making a show out of his hero work. theirs not much going on with him.

My Finale thoughts on this show are well, it could have been so much better, the animation quality being bad, The show just being slow all around, i prefer fast pace action and this show does not deliver on that. I do like the premise and the Art Style, while some of the characters are Very Marvel inspired i like the designs and them, except I-GUY he stupid. Overall though i would give this a





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