A place Further Than The Universe Episode 1 First Impressions

This looks like its going to be a good anime. I really like the art in this, the world looks lived in because of all the small details it has. I like when anime do this it adds a bit more depth. The story I think is relatable, Mari the main Protag realizes she hasn’t really … Read moreA place Further Than The Universe Episode 1 First Impressions


Cage of Eden has was one of my favorite mangas in High School, I would read it online during lunches in the school computer lab (yep I was that kid). I remember really enjoying this manga at the time, I haven’t re-read it in a long time and will make a point to buy the box set … Read moreDAY 8 – MANGA I WISH WAS AN ANIME – 30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE

Day 7 “Anime Crush” 30 Day Anime Challenge (Quickie)

               My anime Crush? So I’ve never really crushed on a fictional character before. but for the sake of this challenge, I’ll go with Nana from NANA. She’s the only character I can think of that I would crush on in real life if we were to meet.     … Read moreDay 7 “Anime Crush” 30 Day Anime Challenge (Quickie)

Day 5 “Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed”(another quickie)

Well Sh*t, two short posts in a row…..Hmmm…… I am not honestly ashamed/embarrassed by any show I’ve watched. I don’t really understand why you would be ashamed of enjoying any anime.  if you like it you like it simple, you shouldn’t let people tell you otherwise.


Hey, thanks for the Read!!


Day 4 of The 30 Day Anime Challenge-“Most overrated anime?”

Most overrated anime?  I think Inuyasha is overrated, ok post done next! no, but seriously Inuyasha was just one of those shows I just never could get into and never understood why people were so into it. I thought it was dumb. I can’t really point my finger at any one thing about it. this show just … Read moreDay 4 of The 30 Day Anime Challenge-“Most overrated anime?”

Day 3: Most Underrated Anime?

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 3: Most Underrated Anime.

          Most underrated anime? Definitely, Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?(Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo). This anime was completely overshadowed by No Game No Life which had a very similar concept and came out the following anime season. It was funny and full of action. Loved the characters, it is really too bad that this show didn’t get a full season or even a second one at that. 

         Sorry for such a short post thiers, not much to talk about here. 





30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 2-Anime Favorites of this year.

Day 2 of the 30-day anime challenge

Anime Favorites of this year.

So it’s finally day 2 of this challenge.(I know its been a week.) My top 3 favorite anime this year would have to be

  • My Hero Academia
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
  • Classroom of the Elite
  • My Hero academia must be my favorite shounen anime to date. I love the characters, the fight scenes, and the over-arcing story. I don’t have much if anything to complain about. My favorite episode must be Episode 22 – Bakugo vs. Uraraka, I believe it’s the only episode where Bakugo compliments someone. I would love to see a fan fiction comic or something showing Uraraka wining and how Bakugo would take the loss, I wonder if he would mellow out and learn humility.

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a close 2nd favorite. Now if I m being honest when Boruto was announced I didn’t have high hopes especially just coming off the heels off Naruto Shippuden. But I was wrong I like how they flip the story for boruto and made him the opposite of Naruto. Making him the popular kid, being friends with everyone, while still being exactly like Naruto as a kid. My favorite episode would have to be Episode 23 – Bonds Come In All Shapes, the fight between Sakura and shin I think was really well done.

    Classroom of the Elite comes in 3rd for me, it’s the only show outside the main releases that kept me engaged. I thought the story and characters were interesting and was left wondering how everything would play out in the end. I really do hope this show gets a 2nd season. My favorite episode would have to be the last one when it’s revealed that Ayanokouji duped everyone and won class D the test.

    So Day 2 done!! What are your favorite shows so far this Year? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @SeineTheBean.

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Day 1

30 day anime challenge(horizantal view).png

Day 1-The first Anime I watched

       There are two ways I am going to go about this, I am going to talk about what’s technically the correct answer, and then what I feel is the correct answer. So technically speaking the first anime I watched and I think this is true for many people is Pokemon. I would watch this show religiously as a kid, it’s what got me into gaming and shaped who I am today. I have many fond memories of watching this on Saturday mornings with my parents. Pokemon was a show I loved growing up and is technically the first anime I’ve watched, but this was before I even knew what anime was, so I don’t feel it would be the answer I would give if asked on the Street.

      The first anime I watched was Dragon Ball Z on Toonami. I started watching that during middle school, that and a handful of other anime toonami showed back then. But Dragon Ball Z is what stood out to me as a kid. I would literally beg my parents to let me stay up to watch it! I loved that show and still do, that’s what introduced m Until then I didn’t even know pokemon was a Japanese show. I loved the action, the 15 episodes of screaming all of it, if not for DBZ this Blog probably wouldn’t exist.

The question of the Day. What’s the first anime you watched? Leave a comment below and let’s get this discussion going.

JUNI TAISEN:ZODIAC WAR Episode 1 First Impressions

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU_xd7V6YKY[/embedyt] Summary The record of the bloody battle between the twelve proud warriors— The 12th Twelve Tournament that gets held every twelve years… Twelve brave warriors who bear the names of the signs of the zodiac fight each other for the lives and souls. The participants are twelve very strange warriors: “Rat,” “Ox,” “Tiger,” … Read moreJUNI TAISEN:ZODIAC WAR Episode 1 First Impressions

SENGOKU NIGHT BLOOD Episode 1 First Impressions

Summary One day, Yuzuki is enveloped by a mysterious light suddenly emanating from her cell phone and finds herself in an unfamiliar place. The scenery spread out before her almost resembles Sengoku period Japan– But this is another world known as “Shinga” where non-human creatures such as vampires and werewolves reside. Long ago, the various … Read moreSENGOKU NIGHT BLOOD Episode 1 First Impressions

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